• In 2008 LEAP opened its doors with the intent to create a level of service and quality the market had never previously experienced.  The two company founders had worked in multinational companies with the responsibility for developing trade marketing support material and faced numerous problems to bring their plans to life.
  • They realized there was an opportunity to establish a communication support agency that would relieve marketers of the hassle, while providing a level of care and integrity for the work which reflected the attitude of a business partner not just a supplier.
  • Over the years, LEAP has successfully expanded its services to provide support in a large number of activities and constantly enters new fields to assist its clients’ business needs.

LEAP with us into a bold and prosperous future!

+ Our Vision and Mission

  • Exceeding client expectations by providing the highest quality possible in a timely manner.
  • We create long-lasting, prosperous relationships with our client partners in order to help them reach their goals and objectives.

+ Our Values

LEAP above all values highly competent, engaged and forward-thinking individuals who seek to positively affect the world around them through their infectious passion and diligent work ethic. The primary values that we encourage and aspire to at LEAP are: